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15th Dec 2021

What a PUDtastic year it has been!

2021 has been a year of tears, laughter, and happiness, as well as finally being able to travel on holiday! However, it has also been a year of making our puds better than ever. Rumour has it, they will leave your old primary school’s dinner ladies’ Yorkshires a distant memory (sorry, Mrs. Smith 😨) TRYPC […]



25th Oct 2021

📢 MORE Puds in MORE Places 📢

It’s been an exciting few weeks at TRYPC with a whole host of new stockists. You know what that means – a whole lot more opportunity to get your much-needed puds fix. We’re here to run you through which puds you can get your hands on and where. 4 Large Gluten Free Yorkshire Puddings Firstly, […]


20th May 2021

🚨 New Product Alert 🚨 Rustic Beef Dripping Yorkshire Puddings

NEW PRODUCT ALERT! We are so excited to announce the release of our brand new Rustic Beef Dripping Yorkshire Puddings. Be prepared to LEVEL UP your roast dinner game 😍 So, what’s the difference between these and your normal puds, you ask? You know when you have a roast dinner and it tastes just like […]


05th Feb 2021

Cleaning up for Yorkshire Pudding Day 2021

Prologue  Before we get into this let us paint a picture – it’s a Wednesday evening and you’re sitting on the sofa enjoying 6 yorkshires drenched in gravy. Sounds perfect, right? But all is not as fine and dandy as it seems, you’ve gotten a bit giddy with your gravy coverage and managed to spill […]


11th Dec 2020

Wrapping up The Real Yorkshire Pudding Gift Guide

Sometimes buying Christmas presents can be hard and we’ve all bought someone something questionable out of desperation. Think socks that were never worn, a book that you know they’ll never read or some other junk that’ll be thrown into a drawer and never seen again. Although we can’t recommend the perfect present for everyone, there […]


25th Sep 2020

We’ve got BIG news! Find our Yorkshires at Sainsbury’s!

At The Real Yorkshire Pudding Co., we pride ourselves on making the best Yorkshires ever – some say they’re even better than Nan’s! 😉 Straight from Yorkshire to the shelves, that’s how we do things here. Think fresh ingredients, our tried and tested recipe, and a large splash of our crazy passion for Yorkshire puds! […]

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