05th Feb 2021

Cleaning up for Yorkshire Pudding Day 2021

Cleaning up for Yorkshire Pudding Day 2021



Before we get into this let us paint a picture – it’s a Wednesday evening and you’re sitting on the sofa enjoying 6 yorkshires drenched in gravy. Sounds perfect, right? But all is not as fine and dandy as it seems, you’ve gotten a bit giddy with your gravy coverage and managed to spill it everywhere! Some would call this a disaster, and we can only agree – you can’t waste gravy! 

But do not fear, we have the perfect thing for this unfortunate situation ❤️️

Chapter One – Yorkshire Pudding Day 

Yorkshire Pudding Day – it’s undoubtedly the best day of the year (sorry Christmas). It’s a day to celebrate our beloved Yorkshires and how outrageously delicious they are. We know how much of a big deal this day is to all you pud lovers out there, so we’re doing something super special.

We’re giving away fifty (yes, that is five with a zero after it) Yorkshire pudding TEA TOWELS. Now why tea towels you may ask? Well, cast your mind back to the prologue for a second 💭💭💭

We’ve all experienced messy Yorkshire puddings and gravy before. Gravy is known for causing culinary chaos – it may be delicious, but it can get super messy too! No plate is big enough for the amount of Yorkshires and gravy we want to have on our Sunday roast and this causes an issue; a serious gravy spillage issue. 

Now, most people would look negatively on this recurring spillage issue, but not us. We’re a glass half full kind of team, so we’ve used this experience as an opportunity to innovate. No longer will gravy spillage be a disaster! In fact, if you are one of our lucky winners you may start spilling gravy on purpose just so you can clean it up with your brand new Yorkshire pudding branded tea towel 😎 

Are you super excited about upgrading your tea towel game for the rest of your life?! If you are, drop us a follow on Instagram and like on Facebook so you can enter the competition as soon as it goes live! Pud luck everyone! 

Also, if you’re looking to get lots of Yorkshires in for this special day you can find your nearest stockist here!