Our Story

Our story

People make our puds

We’re all crazy about Yorkshires here. There’s nothing better than dreaming up new ways you can enjoy golden halos of loveliness. And passionate people, from the ones mixing the batter to those delivering our puds, are a key ingredient in our recipe for success.

Seriously Yorkshire Yorkshires

Our puds are mixed, made and hand cooked in Yorkshire. We’re proud of everything we put into them because we only do the things we know will make them taste tops.

Whether you're veggie, vegan, gluten intolerant

We like to let ingredients speak for themselves and believe fresh is always best. So nothing but honest produce makes it into our puds – no nasties. We also take away all the faff. Whether you’re veggie, gluten intolerant or just hungry, you can enjoy a Yorkshire easily.

To others, the humble Yorkshire…

To others the humble Yorkshire might just be a Sunday staple, reserved only for roasts. But not for us. To us, they can be the star of the show. Reinventing this pudding in experimental and delightful ways, we put Yorkshires front and centre.

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