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22nd Oct 2020

Celebrate Halloween, Yorkshire Style

  The spookiest time of the year is just around the corner – a time of ghosts, games and treats (yes, unsurprisingly, we’re talking about Halloween 🎃). We all know about the classic snacks and activities that occur at Halloween, but have you ever tried including Yorkshire Puddings? We suspect the answer is no, but […]


29th Jul 2020

3 Facts about Yorkshire Day You Definitely Didn’t Know

It’s that time of the year again, one of our favourite dates in the Yorkshire pudding calendar – Yorkshire Day! We kickstarted celebrations with 12 days of back-to-back giveaways on our Facebook page, giving away tons of Yorkshire themed prizes. But now you’ve entered the giveaways, it’s time to blow your mind with some Yorkshire […]


25th Jun 2020

How To Enjoy Puds From Around The World – A Guide

Yorkshire puddings were born and bred in Yorkshire, but they truly are conquering the world. From our very own inventions of world-food inspired puds, to traditional takes on the Yorkshire from other countries, we’re talking you through the best ways to enjoy Yorkshire Puddings around the world for World Food Week! 1. Tarte Flambee, Yorkshire-style […]


20th May 2020

A Week Eating Vegetarian and Gluten Free

Hi! I’m Rebecca, an Account Executive at The Real Yorkshire Pudding Co. My colleague’s challenged me to go vegetarian and gluten free for 1 week, around both National Vegetarian Week and Coeliac Awareness Week. And no, I didn’t just eat our delicious GF puds all week (as much as I wanted to). Take a look […]


30th Apr 2020

Lockdown Baking – 3 Yorkshire Pudding Sweet Treats

As the nation goes into its 1̶,̶0̶0̶0̶t̶h̶ 7th week of lockdown, we’re all looking for new ways to stimulate our brains and pass the time. It feels like everyone has turned to baking, and with this in mind, we’ve got 3 Yorkshire-pudding based recipes for sweet treats, that we can almost guarantee you’ve never tried before! […]


18th Mar 2020

How To Make The Perfect Sunday Lunch

Sunday lunch, Sunday dinner, Sunday roast – whatever you call it, we all know it’s the ultimate meal to end the week with. With Mother’s Day around the corner, we want to show you how to make the perfect Sunday lunch, with allllll the trimmings. And yep, you guessed it – our Yorkshire puds play […]

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