15th Dec 2021

What a PUDtastic year it has been!

What a PUDtastic year it has been!


2021 has been a year of tears, laughter, and happiness, as well as finally being able to travel on holiday! However, it has also been a year of making our puds better than ever. Rumour has it, they will leave your old primary school’s dinner ladies’ Yorkshires a distant memory (sorry, Mrs. Smith 😨)

TRYPC has had a busy year, with several new stockists and a number of ways to get your much-needed pud fix. There’s no need to put off the roast you promised to make for your in-laws on Sunday just because you’ve got a sore head! We’ve already prepared the Yorkies that will put you in the good books 😉 Let’s take a look back on the year together.

Supermarket Wins 

We have worked our puds off this year with our relationships with supermarkets 💪 Isn’t it incredible that we’re now in Booths? They work directly with northern suppliers to stock their shelves. Our 4 pack of Large Gluten Free Yorkshire Puddings, Rustic Beef Dripping Yorkshire Puddings, and 2 Sausage Toad in the Hole are now available at all Booths stores 👏 

You can also buy our Yorkshire Puddings in ASDA, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Waitrose and M&S! 

Yorkshire Pudding Day

Although in our eyes, it’s Yorkshire Pudding Day every day, we celebrated extra hard on 7th February 😍 We understand how important this day is to all of you pud-lovers out there, so we went above and beyond! 

We ran a competition to give away fifty branded tea towels. Why tea towels you ask? If you’re anything like us, you can’t wait to dive into that gravy swimming pool in your Yorkshires, and before you know it, you’ve spilled gravy all down your new white top (which your Nan told you to change about a hundred times) 🤭 Use that teat towel to mop up any gravy spillage and you’ll be good to go.

We’re Not Just Yorkshire Puddings, We’re Viral Yorkshire Puddings

We love creating creative content at TRYPC. Our meme content has done brilliantly over the past year. We’ve had 3 posts that reached over 100K impressions, one of which even reached 501K of you pud-lover on Facebook! This iconic Gravy Dispenser post was even reshared by brands such as George and Misspap! Stop it, we’re blushing 😊

Rate my Roasts

Nothing makes us happier (or hungrier) than seeing your roast dinners which star our Yorkshires as the pud de resistance! Better yet, everyone gets involved in ROASTING each other’s Sunday dinners and it’s very entertaining. Who knew roast dinners could cause such controversy? For a chance to see your roast dinner feature on our page, tag us and send us your pictures of your creations 🍽️

We want to thank you for all your kind love and support over the past year! Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to be in with the chance to win some wacky prizes and roast some dinners in 2022 🤪