Our history: From factory to fork and everything in between

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The past of the pud

It’s time to turn back the clock a few years. If it wasn't for good ol Hannah Glasse, our sacred Sunday roast would look rather different… She was the true pud queen who published the very first Yorkshire pudding recipe in her book - “The art of cookery made plain and easy”.


A 90’s baby

The pudding plane took off in the early 90s when a Sheffield based, father and son duo who were totally nuts about Yorkies started cooking up batches in the kitchen of their home. They loved them so much they just had to share the love with local businesses.


Co-op kicked it off

Co-op fancied the first slice of the pud. They became our first retail customer to stock our legendary Yorkshire puds. Click below to find a stockist near you.

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Safeway knew the way, that way being straight to Yorkshire. The supermarket became yet another high profile retailer to join our roster.

Home is where the pud is

We bagged fellow Yorkshire retailer, Morrisons. This meant we needed bags more space. So we whisked ourselves away, up the M18 to a much better (or as we say, batter) pud factory in Thorne where we have stayed ever since.


Pud-ding ding ding

The first time we ever cooked up 1,000,000 puds in a year. We have got our amazing staff in our production facility as well as our retail partners to thank for this one.


It wasn't just our puds that rose this year… We expanded our workforce from 10 to 100 giving us more passionate puddologists to drive forward our dream.


A cold call? More like chilled.

Well, this changed everything for us. Safeways were hungry for more puds but fancied chilled rather than frozen. Not long after, two more retail giants joined our journey in the form of Waitrose and Sainsburys.


We couldn’t wheat any longer!

Our passion for puds goes far and wide, we want everyone to be able to love them as much as we do. So we made our first batch of gluten free puddings all using the same expert knowledge and processes that go into our regular puds ensuring they are of the highest quality.


It’s official, we now live and breathe the golden halos of goodness, both day and night. This year we opened 24-hour production facilities, 5 days a week to make sure we can keep up with the public's love for Yorkshires.



We whipped up 100 million puddings in a year, yes, you heard it right. 100 million! To put that into perspective, that’s enough to give everyone in Spain two Yorkie puds each - muy bueno.

Pud-ding Yorkshire on the map

We went down under and across the pond. Both Australia and Canada came calling and without haste we delivered, supplying Woolworths with some wholesome Yorkshire goodness. And how could we forget Tesco and ASDA, they became the 6th and 7th major UK supermarket to stock our product (not that we were counting or anything…)


No one puds pudding in the corner

For us, the Yorkie isn’t just for that sit down, Sunday roast, they are to be enjoyed anywhere, anytime. We can’t get enough of the golden halos of goodness, so we found new ways to enjoy them in the form of sweet puds, sounds crazy we know but very delicious! Not long after another retailer came knocking on our door, we welcomed ALDI.


Born and bred in the best county in England (biased we know) we love to natter about batter as much as the next Yorkshire hombre. So it was a very exciting day when we were finally able to connect globally on social media with all you passionate pudding people.


Gold (and crunchy) Standard

We stole the show at the Free From Food Awards this year - woo hoo! - taking the crown back to Yorkshire after winning the gold award.



We don’t take ourselves too seriously here in Yorkshire, our passion for puds means we can’t help but crack a joke or two on social! Check it out - I mean, who doesn’t love a natter about batter?

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Puds made with pride

All of our puddings are made with the best quality ingredients, but what is our secret ingredient, you ask? Well, the people of course. From the batter mixers to the equipment fixers, everyone in our team is passionate about puds.

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World’s First Vegan Toad In The Hole

Because we love our Yorkies SO much, we want everyone to join the pudding party. So, we put our heads together, put in a lot of love and late nights and the result? Only the most, toad-ally awesome, vegan, one-of-a-kind, award-winning, twist on a traditional classic (drum roll please) TOAD IN THE HOLE – mind blown. We launched our ’holesome new product just in time for Veganuary and with awards from Vegan Food and Living magazine you know it’s a good ’un.


Industry recognised.

Puds aren't the only thing we get right around here! We were awarded with the RoSPA Health and Safety Commended Award (better than Gold!) within the Food and Drink Manufacturing Industry Sector.


And the Great Taste Award goes to…The Real Yorkshire Pudding Company gluten-free puds!

Judged blind by industry experts, our gluten-free Yorkies were put to the ultimate taste test and the proof was in the pudding. We want everyone to enjoy a pud on their plate. Whether it’s for a roast, a sweet treat, or a bowl of golden goodies for the most superior snack, you can be assured (and not just by us) that the deliciousness of our gluten-free wonders will be the star of the show.


A round of applause for our winners…

An all-rounder of a teatime classic and big hitters in the flavour department - in a deliciously un-round shape. Our Toad in the Hole and vegan Toad in the Hole, a couple of meaty (or not) contenders in the Great British Food Awards have only both gone and won silver. From creating our original Toad in the Hole to cooking up our vegan offering, this feels like a real full-circle moment. And the applause doesn’t end there, our large gluten-free, golden goodies bagged a bronze. We pour a lot of love into our Yorkies, so everyone can enjoy them and to see them shine through left us all filled with pride – just as our popular little puds are.