03rd Mar 2023

The Real Yorkshire Pudding Co. Employee Q & A

The Real Yorkshire Pudding Co. Employee Q & A


To celebrate Employee Appreciation Day at The Real Yorkshire Pudding Co., we spoke to some of our lovely employees, each of which have worked with us for 25 years! 🤗 We spoke with Team Leader, Sharon; Supervisor, Kristie and Forklift Truck Driver, Michael. Read on to find out what 3 of our employees get up to in a day, working at The Real Yorkshire Pudding Co. and more 👇

What does a working day look like for you? 👀

Sharon: I start by getting a copy of the plan for the day and get the team to the production line and try to achieve the plan to the best of my ability.

Kristie: I prepare to work fast and efficiently. I come to work with a positive attitude ensuring I carry out the job to the best of my ability. If any problems arise, I know I have a good management team to help me.

Michael: I start work at 9:45am, load and unload trailers and do some picking. I then go home at 8:45pm and know I’ve done a good job.


What’s your favourite part of the job? ❣️

Sharon: Working as a team and being a part of a team, knowing we supply the retailers with good quality products.

Kristie: Job satisfaction and being a part of a team with my work colleagues.

Michael: Teamwork, I get to work with a great team.


Why did you choose to work for TRYPC? 🏢

Sharon: It’s close to my home and it also has a nice, friendly management and working team.

Kristie: It’s not too far away from my home!

Michael: It was a good job opportunity!


What’s your unpopular food opinion? 🍞

Sharon: Sprouts! I hate sprouts, I’ve tried different ways of cooking them and still dislike them.

Kristie: I do like dipping toast in a cup of tea!


What TRYPC product would you love to see in the future?

Sharon: I’m a chocoholic and would like to see a product with a chocolate filling to be marketed as a dessert.

Kristie: We’re already making it… 🤫

Michael: A herby product would be nice.


If you’re interested in finding out more about our company and careers, head over to our website 👉 https://realyorks.co.uk/careers/