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30th Jan 2020

5 Facts You Didn’t Know About Yorkshire Puddings

The Christmas of Yorkshire pudding fans worldwide is upon us – Yorkshire Pudding Day.  This year it’s on the 2nd of February, and we couldn’t be more excited. Before we kick things off with some little-known facts about the golden haloes of loveliness, we’ve got a sneaky hint for you about what’s coming up soon. […]


06th Dec 2019

Leftover Yorkshire Puddings? No Problem.

Got leftover Yorkshire puddings after Christmas? We’ve come up with some new and exciting ways to use ‘em all up (if you even have leftovers!)   Pud Cakes It’s mind blowing that no one’s thought of this before. Who wouldn’t love a golden Yorkshire loaded up with creamy frosting and finished off with some colour-popping sprinkles? […]


03rd Dec 2019

5 Yorkshire Warmers To Ease You Into Winter

Whilst fluffy socks and cosy blankets may keep you warm on a winter evening, our great list of Yorkshire pudding recipe ideas will keep you even warmer. And you know what they say… a full stomach makes for a happy heart! 1. Chilli con carne It’s making your mouth water already, isn’t it? Although you might […]


28th Oct 2019

Our Spookily-Pud Halloween Ideas

When it comes to this spooky time of year, how about providing a trick and a treat with Yorkshire Puddings! We think there’s no better way to spend the scary season than with our puds whether you’re having a party, a movie night or just inviting trick-or-treaters to your door. We know that every year […]


20th Sep 2019

5 Ways To Turn Yorkshire Puddings Into Show-Stopping Desserts

You’ve had the classic roast countless times and enjoyed many an occasion munching down tons of puds when they’re realistically still too hot (but you just can’t wait!), but have you ever tried turning the humble Yorkshire Pudding into a dessert? No, you say? Here’s your chance. We’re giving you 5 sparks of inspiration to […]


15th Aug 2019

Literally Proof That Yorkshire Puds Are The Best Food In The World

Listen up people – we’ve got some big news. We bring you solid proof that Yorkshire Puddings are the best food from Britain. It’s basically science. Although British food isn’t the most iconic, we do have some tasty eats. The professional data people over at YouGov ran a survey amongst the people of Britain to […]

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