20th Aug 2018

The top 5 summer events for Yorkshire puds

The top 5 summer events for Yorkshire puds


Although the good ol’ Yorkshire pud isn’t necessarily the first food choice of the summer, they shouldn’t be neglected! We’ve had a scorcher of a summer so far and plenty of excuses to eat and drink with family and friends.

To help you guys along, we’ve gathered the top 5 summer events where you can really let our gluten-free puds shine!

The great British BBQ

Grab a pud, whack it on the barbie! Use them as burger buns, for hotdogs or get your greens in by stuffing them with favourite salad. Get experimenting and munch away.

The perfect picnic

Who wants boring, soggy sandwiches? Not us. Our Yorkshire puds deserve pride of place upon your picnic platter. Fill ‘em with meat and salad for a quirky open sandwich or add fruit and cream for dessert! We’ve got you sorted for any occasion.

The family get together

Most family get togethers include cocktail sausages, party rings and sausage rolls, so why not Yorkshire puddings? Add them to your family buffet spread this summer and rewrite those informal ‘rules’. We guarantee they’ll make you the host with the most!

The glorious garden party

Being sat outside in the sun with an ice-cold drink in one hand and a Yorkshire pudding in the other is our idea of heaven! Pair your pud with ice-cream for the perfect cooling summer snack, or dip in cinnamon sugar and create the great Yorkshire churro. It doesn’t have to always be sweet either! Why not pair our puds with salsa, guacamole and sour cream for a Yorkshire nacho feast!

The summer wedding

We know what you might be thinking… puds at a wedding?! Oh yes! Who needs a wedding favour when Yorkshire puds are on offer? Serve them up as part of your evening munch, topped with sausages and gravy – guaranteed smiles all round!

Grab a pack of our gluten-free Yorkshire puds today, online or instore at Asda, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose or Morrisons and get creative!