13th May 2018

All flavour. No gluten.

All flavour. No gluten.


Today marks the start of Coeliac Awareness Week. From 14th to 20th May, people all over the country will be talking about this disease and how it affects those that suffer from it.

As part of that, we thought we’d spread some awareness of our own. So we took to the streets to share our gluten free Yorkshires with the world – well, Leeds.

What better way to get people talking than road testing our Coeliac-friendly puds on some real Yorkshire men and women


After some tasty testing, it seems the general public ruled Coeliacs need never miss out on the crowning glory of a Sunday roast ever again. Yes, it’s official. Our puds have zero gluten, but they lack none of that proper Yorkshire flavour.

Tuck in
Find out where to grab your own pack of gluten free Yorkshires here