12th Mar 2021

The Pudfect Touch To Mother’s Day ❤️️

The Pudfect Touch To Mother’s Day ❤️️


Mother’s Day – it’s a time to tell your mum just how much you love her! And what better way to show your affection than by cooking her a meal. Trust us, the amount of brownie points you’ll receive will be off the scale! 📈

But don’t just cook her any meal, cook her something she’ll cherish – a meal involving Yorkshire puddings! This may sound intimidating, especially for some readers who don’t cook too often, but we’ve put together a few simple ideas to help you give your mum what she really wants on Mother’s Day, Yorkshire puddings (thank us later 😉). 

The reason we can bring you these simple recipes is all down to how easy it is to cook our Yorkshires, just pop them in the oven for 4-5 minutes. simple! 

Bangers, mash and puds 

Bangers and mash is not only DELICIOUS, but also really simple to cook. To take this meal to the next level, simply use your Yorkshire puddings as bowls and stuff them with mash and sausages – yum! 

Our top tip to make this super easy? Cook the sausages in the oven and buy microwavable mash. All you need to do then is to get your timings right and you’ll have a dish your mum is sure to love.

We’d also recommend adding peas and, of course, gravy.! 

Yorkshire pudding burgers

We all know how tasty burgers can be, but I bet you and your mum have never tried them with Yorkshire puddings as buns! We know this one will be a massive hit, just look at how heavenly that photo looks! 

Credit Instagram: 📷 Becky Excell // Gluten Free Cuppa Tea

For these lip-smackingly good burgers, all you need is: 

  • Burgers
  • Cheese 
  • Toppings – bacon, onions; whatever your heart desires!
  • Sauce of your choice
  • Chunky chips 

We’d recommend grilling the burgers and oven cooking the rest of the dish. This makes this meal easy peasy but we do have a few pointers to make this the pudfect meal! 

Top tip: add cheese onto the burger while it is still on the grill for melted dreamy goodness. Also, If you take the Yorkshires out a minute before everything else this gives them time to cool and means  they’re easier to hold.

The classic – a roast 

We’ve saved the BEST ‘til last, a full on roast dinner 😍 Learning to cook the perfect roast will set you up for life, so it’s definitely worth spending the time learning how to make one! Be warned though – if you cook the perfect Sunday roast on Mother’s Day you WILL become the favourite child. 

Just imagine it, a huge slab of beef or a nut roast, mashed potato, veggies, gravy and Yorkshires. Life doesn’t get much better than that! Take a look at our guide to making the perfect Sunday roast HERE


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We’d love to see what you cook for your mother on this special day! If we inspired you to add Yorkshire puddings tag us on our Facebook and Instagram