18th Mar 2020

How To Make The Perfect Sunday Lunch

How To Make The Perfect Sunday Lunch


Sunday lunch, Sunday dinner, Sunday roast – whatever you call it, we all know it’s the ultimate meal to end the week with. With Mother’s Day around the corner, we want to show you how to make the perfect Sunday lunch, with allllll the trimmings. And yep, you guessed it – our Yorkshire puds play a HUGE part in perfecting a roast! 👌

The Meat

A point even more controversial than what you call a Sunday lunch is your main meat of choice. Traditionally, a Sunday roast is made with a big ol’ joint of beef, but we’ve heard of people using anything from roast chicken to duck as the main meat. Looking for a veggie option? A nut roast will do the trick 😋

We recommend chicken as the meat if your roast is eaten at lunchtime, and if you’re an evening roaster we’d go with a slab of beef. Drizzle some beautiful gravy on the top and you’re on to a winner already! 

The Potatoes

Potatoes. So simple, yet so versatile. There are countless ways to enjoy them but what fits your roast the best? Roasted, mashed, boiled or even dauphinoise; they can all take pride of place on your roast dinner plate. They’re one of the things that all families will have a specific way of making, such as adding ingredients like crème fraîche or chives to mashed potato, or making their roasties with goose fat.

We’d always go for both roasted and mashed on our roast – the more potatoes, the better! 

The Vegetables

With so many different vegetables around, choosing the perfect ones for your Sunday roast can be a challenge. How about honey-roasted carrots and parsnips along with some peas and broccoli? A combo fit for a king.

Controversially, others add sweetcorn into the mix. Although it’s untraditional, it sure is worth the addition 🙌

The Yorkshire Puddings

Some question the place Yorkshire puddings have on a roast, but we can assure you they DO belong on that plate! What’s not to love about a Yorkshire that’s golden-brown, crispy on the outside (but pillowy soft on the inside) and down right delicious? 

We’ve got the perfect puds that are definitely deserving of a place on your plate. You can buy our 4 pack of chilled Gluten Free Yorkshire puds from ASDA, Morrisons, Waitrose, Ocado and Booths. 

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