08th Apr 2022

The best Yorkshire pudding filling ideas for spring

The best Yorkshire pudding filling ideas for spring


The weather’s getting warmer, the daffodils are blooming and the supermarkets are stacked full of chocolate eggs – spring has truly arrived! 💐
As we hit the sweet season, why can’t our Yorkshire puds have a makeover to match? After all, they’ve got the word ‘pudding’ in their name for a reason!

The Creme Egg
Name a better Easter duo, we’ll wait.

Inspired by the Half Penny pub in Birmingham who are the heroes who invented the Creme Egg Yorkshire pudding cake. Their recipe includes two slices of chocolate cake sandwiched between orange and white fondant, all encased in a giant Yorkshire pud, and whilst our recipe is far easier, it is definitely just as delicious (if not more so 👀).

Simply pop a Creme Egg into one of our freshly cooked Yorkshire puddings, then place them into the oven for a couple more minutes. This will create a gooey centre to the Yorkshire which will send your taste buds to chocolatey heaven 😍


Afternoon Tea
Our perfect addition to level up that British classic of afternoon tea ☕

Quick, easy and unbelievably delicious to eat, try them yourself by scooping a generous dollop of either whipped or clotted cream into one of our freshly cooked Yorkshires. Add a big ol’ dollop of jam, top with sliced strawberries and relish in their deliciousness.

Strawberries, cream AND Yorkshire puds, what’s not to love? 🍓

Trust us on this one, they’re gooey chocolatey goodness will leave you drooling at even the thought of them! 🍫

Load up one of our freshly made Yorkshire puddings with chocolate and some fluffy marshmallows, whack them in the oven for a few minutes and enjoy!

Helpful hack – top the sugary delight with another Yorkshire pudding to make the ultimate s’more sandwich! 🤤

Level-up your Friday nights in the garden.

Pud-Fondue, what more could you want? Start by melting your favourite chocolate and chop some fruit ready to become dippers (the ultimate pairing being strawberries and banana, obviously).

Once cooled, let the chocolate meet the pudding. We recommend to use our Large Gluten Free Yorkshire Puddings to fit everything in 😍

A true masterpiece, if we don’t say so ourselves 👌


Fancy giving a sweet pud a go but none of these tickle your fancy? Take a look at our 5 Ways to Turn your Yorkshire Pudding into a Show-stopping Dessert blog for more taste tantalizing ideas.

Don’t forget to tag us in all your pud-licious spring recipes. We can’t wait to see what you have come up with.