20th Sep 2019

5 Ways To Turn Yorkshire Puddings Into Show-Stopping Desserts

5 Ways To Turn Yorkshire Puddings Into Show-Stopping Desserts


You’ve had the classic roast countless times and enjoyed many an occasion munching down tons of puds when they’re realistically still too hot (but you just can’t wait!), but have you ever tried turning the humble Yorkshire Pudding into a dessert?

No, you say?

Here’s your chance. We’re giving you 5 sparks of inspiration to craft your very own Yorkshire Pudding sweet treats. Don’t say we never give you anything!

1. Yorkshire S’mores They’re gooey and chocolatey, with that crisp pud crust – delicious is an understatement. Load up those puddings with chocolate and some fluffy marshmallows, whack them in the oven and give your sweet tooth what it wants!



2. Lemon Meringue Pud We can’t lie, we stole this idea from the amazing Becky Excell! When we challenged her to come up with a weird and wonderful way to use our delicious Yorkshire’s, she truly smashed it! Make up some zingy lemon curd, fill up the Yorkshire then grab some meringue mix and pipe it on that pud! Have you ever heard of anything dreamier?!












3. Yorkshire Trifle We don’t think it’s a thing yet, but you’ll love it from the first mouthful! The perfect mix of strawberry jelly, cream and custard, encased in a crispy casing. You’ll be running to the supermarket before we can say trifle.


4. Pudfiteroles See what we did with the name there? I know, it’s genius, but not quite as genius as the recipe itself. Chocolate. Cream. Puds. That’s the recipe, and it’s truly divine. It really is the simple things in life.



5. Pumpkin pud It’s a classic made classy – the mouth-wateringly delicious pumpkin pud, perfect for those cosy Autumn evenings. Blend up a pumpkin along with some butter, milk, eggs and sugar, then pour it into a pud and bake it to perfection. Don’t forget to dust them with icing sugar!



Fancy trying some of these wonderful ideas? You can buy our gluten free Yorkshire Puddings from Asda, Waitrose, Morrisons or Ocado. Make sure to let us know on Facebook if you tried one!