13th Sep 2021

Return of the Roast – A manual to master Britain’s favourite dish!

Return of the Roast – A manual to master Britain’s favourite dish!


Does anyone else feel like summer has passed us by quicker than you can say, “Anyone want to half the last Yorkshire pud?”

Now September is upon us, it’s finally time for households up and down the country to prepare for crisper mornings, cooler evenings and heartier grub as we batten down the hatches and return to hibernation – winter is on its way! 

Alas, Great Britain’s ultimate comfort dish is back to save the nation’s spirits and make its humble comeback to dining room tables across the country. However, this year, it’s your year to perfect the roast and save yourself from soggy veg sorrows once and for all! Our roast dinner master manual will have you down as #RoastDinnerRoyalty and you will be hailed a family legend.


First stop – veg! A step often overlooked, but a step that has all the ingredients to make or break the spirit of the mighty roast. If you’re feeling technical, bring your veg to life with some honey glaze or marmalade: just a dollop of this will really bring a new sweet dimension to a traditional dish.

Remember to eat your greens! Spice up your humble roast with some sugar snap peas and long stem broccoli, or add some colour to your plate with some fiery red cabbage and sticky parsnips – you’ll be sure to have the fam coming up for seconds. 


Secondly, it’s time for roasties – a fundamental step which, after reading our guide, you’ll be perfecting in no time! First of all, you’re going to need fat – lots and lots of fat, but don’t panic, this is only to get your roasties nice, crispy and fluffy on the inside. We recommend seasoning your roasties with mixed herbs, garlic and parmesan to ensure maximum flavour, however we can’t guarantee there will be seconds for you to tuck in to!

Puds (The main event 😉)

It goes without saying that we’ve got you covered when it comes to this one – after all, we are the experts – we’ve been making Yorkshires for years! The ultimate star of the show needs no introduction, so save yourself the hassle and pick up our rustic beef dripping puds AKA – a golden halo of heaven.

These puds taste so good, everyone will be thinking you made them from scratch (don’t worry we won’t tell anyone!) Gluten free? We’ve got your back, try our Gluten Free Puds that taste just as good – because maximum pud taste should never be compromised!


I know just reading that subheading was enough to strike fear, but fear not! A decent gravy can be as simple as adding a little tipple of Prosecco to add some sparkle and intensify that gravy goodness flavour. 

First of all, don’t be afraid to cheat, but you didn’t hear that from us! Make your gravy in advance so it’s just one less thing for you to worry about on roast day. 


Some may say that the meat is the main event (they’ve clearly never had good Yorkshires) but this step is important in order to ensure your roast is going to score full marks. Firstly, if you’re not slow cooking your meat, then what are you doing?

A good 5 to 6 hours in the slow cooker will have your meat sizzling to perfection and oozing with flavour. We recommend seasoning your meat well (don’t get this confused with throwing everything but the kitchen sink at it!) Oil, wine, bay leaves and thyme are essential! 

Although the roast embodies British culture through and through – don’t let that intimidate you, we’ve got you covered this winter, so the rest of your roast is as perfect as your Yorkshires!

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