15th Dec 2023

Air Fry ‘n Delight: 3 Puds Recipes You Can’t Pass On

Air Fry ‘n Delight: 3 Puds Recipes You Can’t Pass On


With Christmas just around the corner, we’re thrilled to bring you an exciting update that will take your festive feasts to the next level.  

Drumroll please… 🥁 

We’re now air fryer friendly and are officially putting the ‘air’ in Yorkshire. Well, kinda. 

That’s right, you can now transform chilled puds from t’fridge into golden perfection in just 3 minutes*. 😋 

As we gear up for the most wonderful time of the year, we understand the importance of stress-free cooking without compromising on taste. Need some pudspiration? Look no further… 

*From chilled 

Breakkie puds

For a quick breakfast recipe, add a fried egg, Hollandaise sauce, and bacon to your Large Gluten Free Yorkshire puds 🍳 

Set your air fryer to 200°C and start cooking your bacon rashers for at least 6 minutes. Whilst they’re sizzling away, start frying some eggs on the hob. Final step – turn your air fryer down to 180°C and pop some puds in for 3 minutes (4 minutes if frozen).  

When the eggs are cooked to your liking and your bacon’s done, pop your egg inside. And, if you’re feeling boujee, add some chives, Hollandaise sauce, and bacon on top for added crunch 🥓

Vegan Toad in the Hole

For a quick, hearty, roast-inspired meal, it’s gotta be Toad in the Hole. 

Boil your favourite veg on the stove, along with a pot of potatoes 🥔 

Our Toad in the Hole – award-winning Toad in the Hole, may we add – only takes 10 minutes in the air fryer (at 160°C), so make sure your potatoes are well on their way to the boil before you pop it in. 

Drain your potatoes when fork-tender, grab ya potatoes, dairy-free butter and milk, seasoning, and mash away. 

Leftover Christmas puds

If you’re one of the few people who actually manage to have Christmas leftovers, this one’s for you. 

Your Boxing Day leftovers are made even easier with air fryer cooking. Reheat your favourite spare meats, pigs in blankets, stuffing – all the good stuff – along with your fave veg to make the iconic staple that is bubble and squeak.  

Heat your air fryer to 180°C and pop some puds in for 2 minutes (3 minutes if frozen). Fill with your reheated festive flavours and top with cheese – and pop into the air fryer for a further minute. 

Chug some gravy over your plate full of filled puds (what a mouthful – literally), and tuck in 😍 

For more drool-worthy air fryer recipes, head to our Instagram and TikTok. Even better, send us your fave creations for a chance to be featured! 👏