25th Jan 2019

Your 2019 in Yorkshire Puddings!

Your 2019 in Yorkshire Puddings!


Happy New Year to all of our Yorkshire Pudding loving friends! We hope your Christmas and New Year was as full of puds as ours was! It’s 2019, also known as ‘The Year of the Pud’, if you didn’t know. We’re more excited than ever to venture into some all-new ways to eat up those scrumptious Yorkshire Puds all year round!

We’re about to give you a month by month guide on our tip top ways to indulge and celebrate with our scrumptious golden halos of loveliness. Sounds too good to be true, right? Well we can guarantee it’s not. So sit back and hold on tight, it’s about to get tasty!

WARNING: Not advisable to read if hungry. Trust us. There were several hundred puds consumed during the writing of this guide.


It’s getting even chillier than it was in December (somehow)! We know that all you really need to combat the cold is a fresh out of the oven pud to warm your heart. Hot, steaming and a true classic – puds and gravy! There will be no January blues with this on the menu.

Yorkshire Pudding and gravy


With Valentine’s Day on the horizon, love is in the air! What better way to say ‘I love you’ than a sharing plate o’ puds? Go dip crazy on this one. We’re talking salsa, gravy, guac, hummus, even chocolate – you name it! The perfect date night food to surprise your valentine with!

Yorkshire Pudding and dips


Treat your Mum to a posh pud dinner this Mother’s Day! Grab a pack o’ puds for the big day and earn yourself the son or daughter of the year award. You’ve got to try the classy combo of smoked salmon and cream cheese nestled in a golden Yorkshire pudding – delicious!

Yorkshire Pudding starter


Easter eggs are overrated. Have you ever given someone an Easter Pud? No? Well 2019 is the time to grace your friends with a fresh Easter Pud. Someone needs to give them a break from all the chocolate!

Yorkshire Pudding Easter egg

TOP TIP: leftover Easter egg choc? Melt it and make a Yorkshire chocolate fondue, the perfect last minute snack for when friends come over!


Did someone say Pizza Party?! We did! Try our tastier-than-takeaway pud pizzas for a mid-year treat on Pizza Party day – May 17th, get it in your diaries. Load up your Yorkshire Puddings with some tomato sauce, masses of cheese and throw some of that spicy salami on top. Simply delicious!

Yorkshire Pudding pizza


BREAKING NEWS: The sun decides to make an appearance for the first time in 10 MONTHS! 😲 Soak in that Vitamin D and bask in the glorious warmth. To celebrate the start of the UK summer (we hope!), treat yourself to a creamy and delicious ice cream pud – add a 99 flake for that British seaside feel.

Yorkshire Pudding ice cream


The BBQs are out after gathering dust for the past year. What better way to put them to use than making some Pud Dogs! Chuck a sausage on the BBQ and add it into a crispy pud casing. Whack on some ketchup or mustard and voila! The perfect addition to your next family BBQ.

Yorkshire Pudding hot dog


It’s holiday season and hotter than ever! Why don’t you try the classic Puda Colada whilst laying on the beach, taking in those sunny rays? ☀️ Pour that pineapple concoction into your perfectly chilled Yorkshire Puddings. You can drink and snack at the same time! 🙌

Yorkshire Pudding Pina Colada


The brand new uniforms are bought and the school shoes remain strong for the 3rd year running, which means one thing – the kids are back at school (Phewww)! Treat yourself to some me-time. Bake up a tasty batch of Pud Nachos and stick on a film – you deserve it!

Yorkshire Pudding nachos


You hear the doorbell ring on October 31st, what could it be? Someone dressed in their favourite pud costume of course! Yorkshire Puddings as costumes are all the rage this season, so why not make up some spooky puds to give them as treats? We suggest filling our puds with Halloween sweets! Who needs a bucket when they’ve got a delicious Yorkshire pud bowl?!

Yorkshire Pudding Halloween costume


It’s starting to get colder, the days are getting shorter and we can almost hear Santa on his sleigh! Start your warming winter with some Cinnamon + Caramel Apple puds. Perfect for those rainy weekends where you want a treat for yourself, or the family!

Cook up some apples in a pan and add a generous sprinkle of cinnamon. Fill your pud with a heaped spoon of apple and a big dollop of caramel. Add ice cream for that extra indulgence!

Yorkshire Pudding with caramel apples


It’s time for the puds to take centre-stage. Their time to shine. What all puds and people live for – the famous Christmas Dinner. Pull a cracker with your mum and have a munch on those golden yorkies.

Then of course there is the epic Boxing Day lunch with all the Christmas leftovers. Sandwich them between two delicious puds and you’ve got yourself perfection on a plate.

Santa and Yorkshire Puddings


Well there you have it! 12 different ways to eat up those Yorkshire Puddings all year round. Don’t forget to pick up a pack online or instore at Asda, Morrisons, Ocado, Waitrose or Booths and let us know which month is your favourite! If you want even more of a pud fix, make sure to like our Facebook to keep updated with all things puds in 2019.