11th Dec 2020

Wrapping up The Real Yorkshire Pudding Gift Guide

Wrapping up The Real Yorkshire Pudding Gift Guide


Sometimes buying Christmas presents can be hard and we’ve all bought someone something questionable out of desperation. Think socks that were never worn, a book that you know they’ll never read or some other junk that’ll be thrown into a drawer and never seen again. Although we can’t recommend the perfect present for everyone, there are some people we know better than anyone else – YORKSHIRE PUD LOVERS! 

Now what does one buy for a lover of puds, that isn’t just a stocking full of Yorkshires? That’s why we are here to inspire you! We have created a guide to all the best presents a pud lover could ever want, and what’s more, we’re even giving you a chance to WIN them all! 

In true Christmas fashion, we’ve got 12 gift ideas we know will be treasured for years to come by any true Yorkshire pud fan. From a necklace, to a Yorkshire pudding iPhone 11 – we’ve got it all. It’s clear these gifts are incredible, but we wanted to unwrap (😉) this guide for you by explaining our thinking behind a couple of our favourite presents. 

First off, a Yorkshire pudding name necklace. They’ve been all the craze this year and for good reason! They’re cute, stylish and mean even more when something you truly love is written on it ❤️️ 

The Real Yorkshire Pudding Co apron is another one we love. Perfect for the demanding job of putting our puds in the oven when you’re cooking your Sunday roast (*chef’s kiss*). 

Another gift we couldn’t miss out was the fan favourite, Pudjamas. Would it really be Christmas if you didn’t get a new set of PJs? This time though, these pyjamas will have been picked out by your favourite Yorkshire pudding brand, rather than your Aunt Margaret.

Finally, imagine you’re Santa, and you’ve been delivering presents all day and night. You come down the chimney and see a plate, and on it sits another glass of milk and another carrot (for the 10,000th time). What if you had a plate with something a little extra on? What if sitting next to your milk and carrot, you had a golden halo of loveliness sitting right next to it? Rumour has it, if you give Santa a Yorkshire pud, you’ll always be on the nice list!

We may be coming to the end of The Real Yorkshire Pudding Gift Guide, but you still have 3 days left to enter our competitions! You can do so on our Facebook or Instagram and can find our T&Cs here. Pud luck everyone