25th Sep 2020

We’ve got BIG news! Find our Yorkshires at Sainsbury’s!

We’ve got BIG news! Find our Yorkshires at Sainsbury’s!


At The Real Yorkshire Pudding Co., we pride ourselves on making the best Yorkshires ever – some say they’re even better than Nan’s! 😉

Straight from Yorkshire to the shelves, that’s how we do things here. Think fresh ingredients, our tried and tested recipe, and a large splash of our crazy passion for Yorkshire puds!

Another thing we’re passionate about is making Yorkshires available to everyone – we believe no-one should miss out. We have a large range of products including Meat-Free Toad in the Hole and Gluten-Free Yorkshires, so you’ll never get bored of our Yorkshire pud goodness.

Talking of our GF Yorkshire puds, it’s now easier than ever to get your hungry hands on them. You can now find our Gluten Free Yorkshires in Sainsbury’s, but they’re bound to be popular, so grab ‘em quickly!

Yorkshire puddings are an essential to any proper Sunday Dinner (and an instant improvement to any other kind of meal). They’re so versatile that they’re the perfect partner to any meat or veggie roast, with any sauce, any veg and with any amount of gravy. Our Yorkshire puds will always deliver. Trust us, we’re Yorkshire.

Maybe you’re a classic Yorkshire-eater, eating them exclusively with a roast, or maybe you push the (gravy) boat out a little, by making them the centre of your meal? Either way, you don’t want to miss the opportunity to pick up our golden Yorkshire puddings.

Why not try a Yorkshire pud filled with pork, apple sauce, and maybe a touch of gravy? Oh and top with crackling for that extra crunch! Delish. Fancy something more experimental? What about a Yorkshire filled with a mushroom mix? To be enjoyed alone or with a roast of your choice – we recommend beef as a perfect main meat.

All this talk of Yorkshires got you hungry? Get over to Sainsbury’s and grab some of our mouth-watering gluten free Yorkshire’s now!