22nd Jan 2021

Toad in the hole, the yummiest dinner going!

Toad in the hole, the yummiest dinner going!


Yorkshire puddings are the definition of versatile. You can have them as a starter, main or a pudding and they can be enjoyed in so many different ways. But there’s one way we like to think we have mastered here at The Real Yorkshire Pudding Co, the classic Toad in the Hole. 

Served as a main course filled with sausages (100% British pork sausage to be precise), unless you choose the meat free option of course 😉, our toad in the hole is the perfect midweek meal.

The concept of toad in the hole is simple, yet the outcome is so mouth-wateringly delicious! You see, we’ve been making Yorkshires for ages, so we’ve got that bit sussed out. We then add some of the finest sausages going and there you have it – culinary heaven ❤️️   

Why else is our toad in the hole so great? 

  1. They allow you to incorporate Yorkshires into a day that isn’t a Sunday
  2. We offer both gluten and meat free versions! 
  3. They’re super (and we mean super) easy to cook – just place it in the oven for 16 mins! 
  4. Finally to reiterate, they taste outrageously delicious

Okay, so now you know that our toad in the hole is the holiest (😉) we want to help you take it to the NEXT LEVEL.

For that we have a simple recommendation. Why not add a dollop of some nose-tingling Dijion mustard to maximise satisfaction? 

Or maybe keep it classic? You can’t go wrong by serving our toad in the hole with mash and greens. Oh and don’t forget the gravy, of course. Quite frankly this might be the best dinner going! 

Do you have a delicious and simple way that you enjoy our toad in the hole? Let us know on our Instagram or Facebook accounts! We’d love to hear your secrets! 

Finally, you can find your closest stockist of our delicious toad in the hole here and check out the rest of our products while you’re at it ❤️️