26th Sep 2018

The return of the Yorkshire pudding season

The return of the Yorkshire pudding season


After a scorcher of a summer, we’re now ready for the return of comfort food, cooler temperatures and cosy coats, right? Autumn is here and we have our woolly jumpers at the ready to get into the spirit and take full advantage of this pudtastic season.

Nothing compliments cooler weather better than homely comfort food, which is epitomised by the mighty Yorkshire Pudding. As the days shorten and the temperatures plunge, our hunger to have puds with every meal grows more and more each day.

Whether you enjoy our real Yorkshires at a big family dinner, a cosy movie night in, or just as a magical mid-afternoon snack, we want to make sure you’re as autumnal as possible this year!

Although trimmings of beef and gravy are the classic accompaniments to our puds, why not experiment this month and pair your Yorkshires with some of the best seasonal produce:  

  • Apples- apple pie puds? That’s dessert sorted.
  • Broccoli – get one of your five a day with this addition, we suggest covering in gravy for a top notch pud.
  • Brussel sprouts- love or hate them, stir fried with crispy pancetta and stuffed into a pud is to die for!
  • Cauliflower… CHEESE in a Yorkshire. You’re welcome.
  • Cranberries- brie and cranberry puds? Who needs bread when you can have Yorkshires.
  • Figs – sweet and delicious. Add to your puds with a drizzle of honey for a sweet and savoury taste bud explosion.
  • Parsnips- we think parsnips are best served roasted with a honey glaze. Cram as many as possible into our puds with a side of gravy for dipping.
  • Pears- poached pear filled Yorkshire Puddings? We might be onto something here…
  • Peppers – roast peppers with sun-dried tomatoes and top with mozzarella for a pizza style pud in minutes.  
  • Pumpkin – for your very own pumpkin pie pud.  
  • Sweet potatoes- mash sweet potatoes with some butter and pop it into our puds. Delicious.

The return of the Yorkshire Pudding season is well worth celebrating. With the endless ways you can use our puds why not mix things up. Stock up on our gluten-free puds online or instore at Asda, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose or Morrisons and let us know which seasonal produce you choose to pimp our puds with this autumn!