23rd Nov 2018

The Perfect Yorkshire Pudding Menu

The Perfect Yorkshire Pudding Menu


The perfect Yorkshire Pudding menu…

‘Tis nearly the season of dinner parties, comfort food and cosy evenings in with friends and family! The best time of the year, right?  

Along with this comes food, and lots of it! We here at The Real Yorkshire Pudding Co. have you covered for the festive season. We’re going to reveal to you the perfect way to incorporate Yorkshires into every course of your next gathering, because in all honesty, life is too short to not have puds galore.

Let’s make a start

The start to a meal really sets the tone of the evening, so these recipes are spot on for getting people into the pud spirit – not that this is difficult! They’re also super easy to make into small starter portions that can be enjoyed at the table or picked and eaten by hand as an appetiser whilst sipping on a festive feeling cocktail.

Our 2 options are Camembert, Bacon & Cranberry stuffed Yorkshire Puddings and also Beef and Horseradish Yorkshires.

These particular recipes are an extremely delicious ways to use our puds! Simply grab a pack, or two!, and fill them with your desired combination. Camembert, Bacon & Cranberry is a combo that is delectable when warmed up in the oven, so serve them quick to maximise their melty gooey-ness!

If opting for Beef and Horseradish, just pop your ingredients into your Yorkshires and get them on that table pronto! Don’t forget to make extra, as they’ll be gone in a flash and you don’t want to miss out.

Time for the main event

Now your guests have got the taste for Yorkshire Puddings you’ve really got to up your game for the main course. But don’t worry, these herby cheese sauce and tomato-ey filled golden halos of loveliness are just the recipe you’ll need!

To make them, get together your ingredients including cheese sauce, extra parmesan (or cheese of choice), sun-dried tomatoes, fresh chives and prosciutto. Add all of your ingredients into the centre of your pud and pop it in the oven to give them a quick warm through and brown the extra parmesan on top. To accompany your puds, whip up a batch of your best homemade roast potatoes and some gravy for dipping! The perfect comforting combo to leave your guests hounding you for recipe tips.

The grand finale  

Now, we have to admit that is a tough act to follow. But we’ve got some tricks up our sleeve that will make this dessert the showstopper of the Yorkshire Pudding dessert world.

CINNAMON GLAZE YORKIE DONUTS. Yep, you can thank us later.

These can be pulled together pretty quickly, just enough time for your guests to be back on the pudding bandwagon. To make the festive spiced cinnamon drizzle, mix together icing sugar, water and cinnamon and pour over your warmed up Yorkshires. Top with extra cinnamon and then a generous blob of ice cream. Serve up and devour their mourish goodness.

These top tips are perfect for any upcoming dinner you might be hosting where you want to mix up the standard 3 course meal! All you have to do is a grab some of our Yorkshires at Asda, Morrisons, Waitrose or Ocado and whip up a meal worth remembering.

We’d love to hear what you’ve been cooking this festive season, so let us know more on our Facebook page, pictures are more than welcome!