23rd Jun 2022

National Picnic Week

National Picnic Week


Hold your puds, it’s officially National Picnic week! 

Can you think of a better way to enjoy the sun than with a picnic filled with the best Yorkshire pudding ideas? Whether you prefer burgers or quiches, we have something for you ☀️

No picnic meal is complete with our Yorkies, am I right? 🤤

Yorkshire Pudding Hotdogs

What could be better than a hotdog? A hotdog in a Yorkshire pudding.. duh 🌭

For a perfect, tasty summer snack, grab your Yorkshire puddings, sausages and a sauce of your choice! 

It may not be a traditional hotdog, but trust us when you taste this recipe, you will not go back. Don’t forget to top with gravy 😍


Yorkshire Pudding Burgers

Beef burgers….yes, Yorkshire Pudding burgers….YES YES YES 🍔

If you’re wanting to try this mouth watering dish, don’t forget to bring along a BBQ! Once grilled, drizzle a chosen sauce (our fave is BBQ sauce) and place in-between Yorkshire Puddings, ready to eat 🤤


Yorkshire Pudding Sandwich

This is a great family dish, as you can grab your Yorkshires and fill with anything of your choice. E.g. ham and cheese, BLT or even a left over roast dinner 🥪

Don’t let yourself miss out on this recipe, it’s one of our faves 🧑‍🍳








Yorkshire Pudding Quiche

We know what you’re thinking… “Who would want a Yorkshire pudding quiche?” Just trust us! 😉

All you need is; cheese, egg, milk and our golden halos for the crust. Then add either meat or veggies depending on your preference. It’s really that simple 🥧

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