15th Aug 2019

Literally Proof That Yorkshire Puds Are The Best Food In The World

Literally Proof That Yorkshire Puds Are The Best Food In The World


Listen up people – we’ve got some big news. We bring you solid proof that Yorkshire Puddings are the best food from Britain. It’s basically science.

Although British food isn’t the most iconic, we do have some tasty eats. The professional data people over at YouGov ran a survey amongst the people of Britain to find out what the nation’s favourite British food was, with some tough competition to the noble Yorkshire Pud (hello, bacon sandwich). Even against this competition, the mighty Yorkshire Pudding triumphed, with 85% of Britons enjoying the glorious taste of a freshly cooked Yorkshire. According to another poll by Privilege Insurance, Yorkshire Puds also came out on top, this time beating competitors such as the cream tea, Cornish pasties and tikka masala. Talk about being a firm favourite!

Up there with the standalone puds is a right corker of a meal; the Sunday roast. YouGov found that a whopping 84% of Brits loved to tuck into a big ol’ roast, which isn’t surprising in the slightest; meat, gravy, vegetables and a ton of Yorkshire Puddings – what’s not to love?!

What’s more, if you needed conclusive proof that Yorkshire is better than Lancashire, look no further. Lancashire hotpot fared pretty miserably with only 51% of participants saying they liked it. Incomparable to the heavenly Yorkshire Pudding, with more than 4 out of 5 Brits saying that they love ’em. Down at the bottom with the Lancashire hotpot were foods like jellied eels, kippers and black pudding. Sounds about right to be fair.If you want to buy your very own delicious Yorkshire Puddings, you can find our puds in Waitrose, Asda, Morrisons or Ocado, and if you love Yorkshire Puds as much as the rest of the UK, make sure to like us on Facebook!