01st Apr 2021

Level Up Your Easter Leftovers

Level Up Your Easter Leftovers


When we think of Easter we think of two things: Roast dinners (with Yorkshires, naturally), and chocolate! Every good roast dinner comes with Yorkshire puddings but how often do you mix your Easter chocolate with some puds? 

We always seem to have leftover chocolate after Easter so why not make the most of it with our crafty leftover recipes? These seriously delicious Yorkshire/chocolate combos may change Easter as you know it FOREVER 🤯 So strap yourselves in and let’s get into it! 

Creme Egg Yorkshires

Have you got some leftover Creme Eggs from Easter, or fancy picking some up while they’re reduced after the big day? We have the perfect way to pair them with our Yorkshire puddings – but we have to warn you, this is a deadly duo and you may never be able to eat Creme Eggs on their own ever again… 

So what do you do? It’s simple – place a Creme Egg into one of our freshly cooked Yorkshire puddings, then place them in the oven for a couple more minutes. This will create a gooey centre to the Yorkshire which will send your taste buds to chocolatey heaven 😍


We’ve all heard of profiteroles but have you ever tried pudfiteroles? This spin on an iconic dessert is quite frankly game changing. You will need a couple more ingredients for this one, but we can promise you that it’s worth it to make this masterpiece.  

What you’ll need for pudfiteroles: 

  • A pack of our Yorkshire puds (of course) 
  • Leftover Easter chocolate
  • Double cream or whipped cream

Don’t tell us that this combo doesn’t sound delicious 😋 All you have to do is fill your Yorkshires with cream and melted chocolate. DREAMY 😍

Pud fondue

Last but not least we have pud fondue – we can’t recommend this one enough, it has it ALL. Creamy melted chocolate, puds that are crunchy on the outside but soft on the inside and of course, juicy strawberries. What a combo 😋

Other sweet ideas 

Want to try some sweet puds but none of these tickle your fancy? Check out this amazing video from Gluten Free Blogger. Featuring some incredible looking recipes, this one shouldn’t be missed. 

We’d love to see your sweet creations, whether that is one of our suggestions or one you’ve created yourself, so make sure to share it with us on our Facebook or Instagram!  

Looking for some Yorkshires to use with your leftover Chocolate? You can find your nearest stockists here.