06th Dec 2019

Leftover Yorkshire Puddings? No Problem.

Leftover Yorkshire Puddings? No Problem.


Got leftover Yorkshire puddings after Christmas? We’ve come up with some new and exciting ways to use ‘em all up (if you even have leftovers!)


  • Pud Cakes It’s mind blowing that no one’s thought of this before. Who wouldn’t love a golden Yorkshire loaded up with creamy frosting and finished off with some colour-popping sprinkles? 🎂


  • Pesto Puds Puds are mainly known for being a side on a roast, but have you ever tried giving them an Italian twist? Sun-ripened tomatoes, pesto and a little bit of mozzarella inside a Yorkshire and you’re truly onto a winner.


  • Jaffa Puds You can taste them already, can’t you? Jaffa Cakes are probably one of the most moreish foods on the planet, so if you made a Yorkshire version, surely they’re truly impossible to stop eating? There’s only one way to find out: grab some tangy marmalade, pop it in a pud and fill the rest with some smooth dark chocolate. Dreamy.


  • Pizza Puds It’s a Friday night favourite and it’s getting a Yorkshire twist! Try puds on your pizza – trust us, it’s a combination to remember!

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