25th Jun 2020

How To Enjoy Puds From Around The World – A Guide

How To Enjoy Puds From Around The World – A Guide


Yorkshire puddings were born and bred in Yorkshire, but they truly are conquering the world. From our very own inventions of world-food inspired puds, to traditional takes on the Yorkshire from other countries, we’re talking you through the best ways to enjoy Yorkshire Puddings around the world for World Food Week!

1. Tarte Flambee, Yorkshire-style

What’s a Tarte Flambee, you may ask? Well, put simply – it’s a bacon and onion pizza you’ll find frequently on the German/French border. The crisp of the bacon combined with caramelised onion sounds pretty good as it is, but there’s one way to make it even better. Yup, you guessed it – turn it into a filled pud! 🤤

Fry up some onions with a little bit of sugar for caramelisation, add in some bacon lardons, cheese and creme fraiche, and you’ve got yourself a filled pud fit for a king! 👑

2. Onion Bhaji Puds

We’ve certainly never heard of this one before! Throw an Indian-inspired twist on a Yorkshire pudding for a soft but spicy starter. Fry together 2 small onions, turmeric, cumin seeds, chilli powder and a chopped green chilli, then spoon it into your oven-baked puds.

Bhaji puds have got the delicate, fluffy texture of a pud on the inside, whilst sticking to a crispy, golden exterior. The blend of spices, plus the unbeatable taste of a pud, makes for a dish that’s nothing short of incredible! 😋

3. Dutch Babies

This one is a tad controversial. The New York Times tweeted this beautiful “pancake” called a Dutch Baby. Now for any Brit, you’ll see that this isn’t a pancake, but rather a Yorkshire pudding, made American. 

Our friends across the pond use Yorkshires as a sweet dish, and we have to say, we’re not against it! It’s true, if you haven’t tried a Yorkshire pud with golden syrup or jam then you certainly haven’t lived. Why not give it a go when you have leftover puds from your Sunday dinner?

4. The original, and the best

Of course, we’ve saved the best way to enjoy Yorkshire puddings until last. That’s with roast beef and hearty British vegetables, drenched in delicious thick gravy. It’s a timeless classic, and definitely one that’s not going to go out of fashion soon.

Are you drooling yet? We certainly are. 

roast dinner

(Seriously, just look at it)

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