13th Dec 2018

Celebrate Party Puds style!

Celebrate Party Puds style!


As you may already know, here at The Real Yorkshire Pudding Co. we are fully committed to serving up the most delicious Yorkshire Puddings, so you can have top quality puds with your Sunday Roast…or any meal in-between! As we like to say, a pud isn’t just for Sunday. Come rain or shine, we think these little, crispy halos of joy can steal the show-ho-ho at any meal or get-together!

Introducing Party Puds…

Any opportunity to take Yorkshires to the next level, we’re on it! Our motto is to serve up Yorkshires, but not as you know them. We’ve nailed the traditional Yorkshire pud so now we want to expand our horizons to new, tantalizing flavour combinations, giving you guys the ability to host your very own pud fuelled party! Could you think of anything better to do this weekend? Nope, didn’t think so.

We are absolutely over the moon to introduce our Party Puds, the only party food you’ll need this festive season! We’ve got two showstopping flavours that will be coming soon to a buffet table near you this Christmas.

Our two new flavours for Party Puds are decadent Chilli Chocolate and delicious Pork Meatballs. We’ve carefully crafted these for your enjoyment… and to end the ongoing debate between sweet or savoury, you can now have the blessing of both. Pleasing all your guests and most importantly, you!

Christmas party food sorted…

‘Tis the season to deck the halls, eat your weight in Quality Street, and drink more than the average amount of mulled wine and hot chocolate. So, like most of us, you may have a festive party coming up or a cosy Christmas night in watching Elf for the 100th time. If so, we want you to focus on the festivities and not on that ever growing party food list. Don’t sweat it, we’ve got you covered!

Our new Party Puds are the answer to all your party food woes and are available from Ocado this festive season! At the click of a button you can have our Chilli Chocolate and Pork Meatball puds on their way to you! The perfect addition to your festive food shopping list, don’t you agree?

With 12 mini puds per pack, they are the perfect serve and share delight that will be a proper crowd pleaser or perfect for a party of 2, we won’t judge – promise! Christmas is the time for yummy food and sharing it with loved ones, so our Party Puds will help you do just that.

Get your sauces out!

We think these two flavours are perfect on their own, but we’re also not averse to pimping our puds for the ultimate pudtastic experience! Let us tell you how…

Make your Party Puds really pop with the help of some trusty cupboard staples. Sauces are your best friend here – grab a side of gravy or mustard for your Pork Meatball Party Puds and get dipping. Now that is a spot on combo if we do say so ourselves.

Next up is Chilli Chocolate, the perfect balance between sweet and that little bit of heat to warm our hearts this Christmas (Grinches out there, beware!). This pud teams perfectly with some scrumptious cream for pouring or custard for dunking. Our mouths are watering just thinking about this…

Our top tip for this December – don’t do Christmas by half! Head over to Ocado and get your Party Puds ordered for a gorgeous, tasty and decadently different addition to the great Christmas spread! You and your guests will not regret it.

Merry Christmas from The Real Yorkshire Pudding Co. May your days be merry and pud-filled! 🎄