22nd Oct 2020

Celebrate Halloween, Yorkshire Style

Celebrate Halloween, Yorkshire Style



The spookiest time of the year is just around the corner – a time of ghosts, games and treats (yes, unsurprisingly, we’re talking about Halloween 🎃). We all know about the classic snacks and activities that occur at Halloween, but have you ever tried including Yorkshire Puddings? We suspect the answer is no, but if that’s the case, you are seriously missing out! 😱

We’ve taken our ghoul-den puds and turned them into spooky Halloween ideas. We have a fun game, some Halloween treats and a full meal idea for you to enjoy! 😋

Yorkshire Bobbing 

Every Halloween needs a fun game to play, and we’ve got the ideal one for you pud fans out there! Taking inspiration from the original apple bobbing, Yorkshire bobbing involves your favorite treat, Yorkshires! 🤣

Just fill a bucket up with gravy (make sure it’s not too hot, we like to keep things safe here) and place your puds upside down. All you’ve got to do is catch the floating Yorkshires in your mouth. A simple but delicious game, this one’s a must for the real Yorkshire fans out there – you know who you are!

Now that we have a fun game sorted, all that’s left to add is your spooky treats and meal to complete the day!

Blood and Goo Puds 

Choosing the right treats for Halloween can be difficult but what better way to do it then by including Yorkshire puddings. To create blood and goo puds simply add a mix of both custard and jam to the centre of your Yorkshires. This combination is sure to give you the tastiest fright ever! Spooooookkyyyyy 👻

Don’t fill yourself up on these too much though, because we’ve got a spooky main course for you to enjoy too.

Puds Cauldrons

Sometimes the spookiest meals are the simplest. Turn our delicious puds into a Halloween cauldron by adding two simple ingredients: spinach and ricotta. Tasty, tangy, and a perfect way to fill you up this Halloween! That’s if you haven’t filled up after eating all your spooky faces beforehand.

Want to celebrate Halloween with a Yorkshire twist? Grab our gluten free Yorkshire puds at Waitrose, Asda, Morrisons, Ocado, or now Sainsbury’s!