21st Jun 2019

A Great British Yorkshire Pudding Picnic!

A Great British Yorkshire Pudding Picnic!


Yes, you heard it here first – the Great British Summer is finally on its way. And what better way to celebrate than with a spot of al fresco dining – a Yorkshire Pudding Picnic no less.

What’s that? You thought picnics were all about soggy sandwiches and squashed sausage rolls? Well, think again – here are five delicious Yorkshire Pudding Picnic recipes, ideal for enjoying in the sunshine.

Beef and Pickle Puds

Let’s start off with that classic combination we all know and love – roast beef and Yorkshire puddings! Simply roll up some cold roast beef, pop into your pud and dollop on a mixture of crème fraiche and wholegrain mustard. Throw a couple of cornichon slices on top to add a pickle punch.

The Pud-wich

So much better than the common sandwich! Some of our favourite fillings to fill up a pud with are cheddar and honey roast ham and that picnic mainstay, egg mayonnaise and watercress. Pud-wich perfection!

Ploughmans Pud

Just stuff that pud full of fresh salad, add some mayonnaise, pickle or salad cream and you’re good to pud!

Hot Dog Pud Style

What do you get when you cross a Yorkshire Pudding with a New York Hot Dog? A taste sensation, that’s what! Fill your pud with cocktail sausages, add some onion relish, a scoop of tomato chutney and drop of hot dog mustard. Feeling brave? Turn up the heat with a splash of Tabasco…

Victoria Pudding

What better way to finish off than with a pud take on a British classic. Drop in some strawberry jam, squirt on some cream and top your Victoria Pudding with fresh strawberries.

The perfect ending to your Pudding Picnic!

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