16th Apr 2018

A Clash of the Classics

A Clash of the Classics


You can’t beat a classic flavour combo. But you can put two together. Pair the tried and tested Puds with Smoky Cheese & Bacon with another age-old winner – rocket, spinach and roasted tomatoes.

Get Cooking

Halve some vine ripened tomatoes while your oven heats up. Once it’s warm, put the tomatoes in to roast along with the Puds with Smoky & Cheese and Bacon. Next, pour yourself a drop of red. Well, assembling a plate of spinach and rocket is really all there is left to do, and that won’t take a second, so you’ll need something to enjoy while you wait for what’s in the oven. When the Yorkshires and tomatoes are done, add them to the leaves, drizzle it all with some balsamic glaze and enjoy.

If that’s given you a hankering, waste no time in locating the ingredients. Stock up.