03rd Dec 2019

5 Yorkshire Warmers To Ease You Into Winter

5 Yorkshire Warmers To Ease You Into Winter


Whilst fluffy socks and cosy blankets may keep you warm on a winter evening, our great list of Yorkshire pudding recipe ideas will keep you even warmer. And you know what they say… a full stomach makes for a happy heart!

  1. 1. Chilli con carne It’s making your mouth water already, isn’t it? Although you might think there’s no innovation in cooking a good old chilli con carne, the magic of this taste lies in its upgraded version – served in a crisp Yorkshire pudding. Give it a go and you’ll never go back to eating chilli con carne on its own.
  2. 2. Hot choc-pud Is there anything better than a creamy hot chocolate on a winter’s night? Pour that silky-smooth hot choc into a pud, drink it all up then eat your delicious chocolate-coated Yorkshire! It’s bliss.
  3. 3. Shepherd’s pie Been craving a nicely done Shepherd’s Pie for a while? How about some pie in a Yorkshire Pudding? Get that gravy overflowin’, this delicious combo is bound to leave you wanting more!
  4. 4. English breakfast If you’re someone who loves a good breakfast any time, any day, then boy you’re gonna love this one! Whip up your favourite type of egg, cook your bacon and your sausages and top it off with some baked beans. Trust us, it’s a culinary breakthrough.
  5. 5. Chicken curry There’s no reason to worry, ‘cause you’ve got chicken curry. It’s the perfect dish for a cosy night in; what better way to ease yourself into winter than a hot, steamy chicken curry served in a delicious Yorkshire pudding? This one is definitely a winner for winter! 😋

Fancy trying some of these great recipes? You can buy our Yorkshire puddings from Asda, Waitrose, Morrisons or Ocado. Let us know on Facebook how your Yorkshire Warmers turned out!