30th Jan 2020

5 Facts You Didn’t Know About Yorkshire Puddings

5 Facts You Didn’t Know About Yorkshire Puddings


The Christmas of Yorkshire pudding fans worldwide is upon us – Yorkshire Pudding Day. 

This year it’s on the 2nd of February, and we couldn’t be more excited. Before we kick things off with some little-known facts about the golden haloes of loveliness, we’ve got a sneaky hint for you about what’s coming up soon. All we can say is make sure you’re on our Facebook page on Yorkshire Pudding Day at 11AM, we’ve got something BIG in store!


They’re eaten all over the world


Turns out Yorkshire has taken on the world. Japan serves Yorkshire puds with anything from cheese, to jam and even soup as “popovers”. They’re not the only country giving their own spin on a Yorkshire either – Germany and the Netherlands make ‘Dutch babies’, a flat Yorkshire pudding with berries and sugar on top – what a combo!


There used to be a Yorkshire Pudding Boat Race


Back in the 90s, a genius man named Simon Thackray came up with an idea. He was at his local pub and waiters were walking past with plates of beef and beautiful Yorkshire puddings, and as he saw this he imagined sailing down the river in a Yorkshire pudding boat. Not long after, theYorkshire Pudding Boat Race was born.

Sadly, there’s no Yorkshire Pud Boat Race this year, but we’ve got our fingers crossed for 2021. Maybe it’ll be part of the Olympics some day…


We make over 120 MILLION Yorkshire puddings a year


We’re hard at work making fresh Yorkshire puddings every single day! And because of our incredible staff, we make a whopping 120 million Yorkshires every year (yes, we know what you’re thinking, that’d be one hell of a roast!). From gluten-free goodness to square puds, we’ve got everything covered!


They first came to light in the 1700s


People in the 1700s cooked up the original recipe for a Yorkshire pud, although back in their day, they were flat (I know, who likes a flat Yorkshire)?! Aren’t you glad we’ve perfected the Yorkshire pudding recipe here at The Real Yorkshire Pudding Co? We’ve come a long way since the 1700s!


The world’s biggest Yorkshire pudding is as big as a small apartment


Back in 1996, members of the Skipton Round Table made a huge Yorkshire pudding, with an area at over 500ft²! That’s the equivalent of more than 10 double decker busses – just think about the amount of gravy you could put in that!


Yorkshire Pudding Day is coming. Are you ready? Stock up on your puds at Waitrose, Asda, Morrisons or Ocado.