17th Jun 2021

10 Ways to Enjoy Yorkshire Puds this Summer

10 Ways to Enjoy Yorkshire Puds this Summer


We all know how the ultimate comfort of a roast dinner on a cold and dreary Sunday feels, but are you familiar with a sublime summer full of Yorkshire puds? At The Real Yorkshire Pudding Co. we’re all for enjoying a Yorkshire pud (or two) all year round. So, here are 10 ways to convert the classics and get the best out of the country’s familiar favourite. 

Smoked Salmon, Dill & Cream Cheese Cana-puds

A spin on a classic canape. Bin the ‘bitesize’ blinis and stick a pud in their place; something that actually is the size of your bite. Whip the cream cheese, top with smoked salmon and season to your heart’s content. You’ll be the next big dill, trust us. 

The Real Yorkshire Fry-up

Have you been over-enjoying the lifting of lockdown? Nothing hits the spot like a fry-up the morning after a bit too much indulgence. Throw caution to the wind and stick a fried egg in your pud, along with some extra crispy streaky bacon and lashings of ketchup (or brown sauce if you must, we’re not here to judge). Thank us later.

Pizza Puddings

Pizza ovens are all the rage, right? Wrong. Trends die out, so we’re here to help you start the next one: Yorkshire pudding pizzas. Do we really need to help you with this one? Favourite pizza sauce, favourite toppings, mozzarella – sorted. Save yourself that £100 on a pizza oven that you’ll use once when the in-laws are over and never clean properly. 

The Quirky Quiche (sounds like a name for a dodgy roadside food truck, doesn’t it?) 

Craving a crowd-pleasing quiche but petrified of pastry? Scrap the inevitable soggy bottom and pop a pud in its place. Your guests will be convinced that your culinary creativity just reached the next level. This is a perfect picnic piece too; let it cool, chop in half and you’re good to go. 

Next-level Pudfiteroles

For those Pudfiterole pioneers, we have a new and improved recipe. Slice your Yorkshire in half and dip the lid in some melted chocolate. Scoop some whipped cream into the bottom and pop the lid back on once it’s cooled. For best results, eat at least two Pudfiteroles before they reach the table. 

Summer Puddings

Looking for an easy way to get your 5-a-day? Say no more. This masterpiece is a twist on the old school British berry-soaked bread classic. Stew your berries as usual, but serve them in your Yorkshires with plenty of juice. Perhaps add a scoop of ice cream if you’re feeling especially indulgent = pud-fection. 

Need S’more Ideas?

The perfect post-BBQ pud. A perfectly roasted marshmallow is the centrepiece, with melting chocolate hidden beneath and a generous crumbling of digestive biscuits to top it all off. 

Mars Bar Pud

Nothing like a deep fried Mars bar from the chippy (or diabetes in a bag as Mum calls it). Drench your Yorkshire in a concoction of melted chocolate, honey & butter for a wonderfully decadent dessert. 

Strawberries & Cream

Tell me you’re British without telling me you’re British: serve up strawberries and cream for your afternoon garden gathering. Skip the scones and pimp your pud with this perfect pairing.

Chuffin’ Churros

Yorkshire’s answer to this cinnamon-centred classic. Roll in melted butter, sprinkle with cinnamon sugar, dip in Dulce de Leche. This does not disappoint. 

Have we missed your go-to summer food? Let us know, and we’ll find a way to make it pudfect. Better yet, make our mouths water by sharing your own summer pud creations with us on Facebook or Instagram📸