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20th May 2021

🚨 New Product Alert 🚨 Rustic Beef Dripping Yorkshire Puddings

NEW PRODUCT ALERT! We are so excited to announce the release of our brand new Rustic Beef Dripping Yorkshire Puddings. Be prepared to LEVEL UP your roast dinner game 😍 So, what’s the difference between these and your normal puds, you ask? You know when you have a roast dinner and it tastes just like […]


14th May 2021

Three Ways to Try Our Veggie Toad in the Hole

Do you follow a vegetarian diet? If not, National Vegetarian Week is the perfect opportunity to give a meat-free diet a go. There are so many fantastic, readily available, vegetarian alternatives (just like our meat-free Toad in the Holes of course 😉), so seven days without meat no longer seems so daunting. Currently, around 14% […]


01st Apr 2021

Level Up Your Easter Leftovers

When we think of Easter we think of two things: Roast dinners (with Yorkshires, naturally), and chocolate! Every good roast dinner comes with Yorkshire puddings but how often do you mix your Easter chocolate with some puds?  We always seem to have leftover chocolate after Easter so why not make the most of it with […]


12th Mar 2021

The Pudfect Touch To Mother’s Day ❤️️

Mother’s Day – it’s a time to tell your mum just how much you love her! And what better way to show your affection than by cooking her a meal. Trust us, the amount of brownie points you’ll receive will be off the scale! 📈 But don’t just cook her any meal, cook her something […]


05th Feb 2021

Cleaning up for Yorkshire Pudding Day 2021

Prologue  Before we get into this let us paint a picture – it’s a Wednesday evening and you’re sitting on the sofa enjoying 6 yorkshires drenched in gravy. Sounds perfect, right? But all is not as fine and dandy as it seems, you’ve gotten a bit giddy with your gravy coverage and managed to spill […]


22nd Jan 2021

Toad in the hole, the yummiest dinner going!

Yorkshire puddings are the definition of versatile. You can have them as a starter, main or a pudding and they can be enjoyed in so many different ways. But there’s one way we like to think we have mastered here at The Real Yorkshire Pudding Co, the classic Toad in the Hole.  Served as a […]

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